Thursday, March 28, 2013

Build Manual Link building Without software

Hear hear backlink seeker.. I’m offering you high quality backlink, this is the time to make google loves your site with powerful web 2.0, press release, document sharing.

Enough is enough for low quality backlinks, it won’t get you anywhere, google hates it and your site will be just at the beginning as you started it.

Our service is one stop solution for your Contextual backlinks needs and you don't need to pay such a high prices for it.

100% Manual Link building without software

What you will get :

-       10 Web 2.0 (PR 4-9)
-       25 Press Release (PR 1-7)
-       20 Blog Comment (PR 2-5)
-       25 Social Bookmarking (PR 3-8)
-       15 Document Sharing (PR 4-9)
-       2 Press Release Premium

Notes :

1. Max 2 Anchor text and 2 URL (1 Domain)
2. Link from the Press Release not always using Anchor Text, there are
few sites that using URL for outside link.
3. I don’t do keywords that have connection with Gambling, Porn and
those stuffs.
4. For web 2.0, I will create the linkwheel structure with 1 link
direct to the money site and 1 link to the other web 2.0.
5. I will submit the entire link to lindexed
6. Backlink Blog Comment PR are all Pagerank from the Actual Page and
not from the home page.
7. it will takes 6 to 15 days  Working process


A : Is it safe for my new blog?
Q : Sadly only google can answer that because I can’t, but I’ll be
careful not to harm your blog.

A : will all the backlinks I got a Dofollow link?
Q : Nope, there will be a mix backlink of dofollow and nofollow  (Google will be suspicious if all your backlink are dofollow, trust me)

A : will I get Web 2.0 Account??
Q : sure, I can even give you the emails account if you want too

A : is there any guarantee that web 2.0 I got won’t be deleted?
Q : my dear customer, I’m sorry I can’t guarantee that stuff, but  again I’ll be very careful that your web 2.0 won’t be deleted.

A : will I get Social Bookmarking & Press Release Account??
Q : Nope 

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