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Affordable SEO by SEOClerks

I will ☝ ROCKET YOU TO THE TOP WITHIN 10-20 DAYS ☝ (PENGUIN 2.0 UPDATE) for Features

★★Money Back Guarantee★★★★Level "X" Seller★★★★ Penguin 2.0 update; safe and powerful links with mixed anchors as always. Many client sites post Penguin 2.0 have actually moved up even further after the update. The Best Selling Ranking Service On SeoClerks (SEE TOTAL ORDERS TAB ABOVE) For GOOGLE PAGE 1 , the Seo Alpha package can get you there fast! "PLEASE READ F.A.Q's and NOTICE BELOW BEFORE ORDERING" Here is what some of my recent clients had to say about my service. ---------- "Thank you very much, I think the ranking is going up quickly now, I climbed the #12! It seems an excellent and powerful service, for sure I will make new orders soon!" "Great Service highly recommended i have used Barry several times for different sites, this gig took my site from page 15 in google to page one number 5 and still going up." "BarryanSim, this is another successfull campaign. The website is now #1 Page 1 for my target keyword. I'm sure that the other keywords will follow soon. Thank you very much!" "Website / Keyword went from no ranking to page 1 results for a competitive keyword / keyphrase - 2,770,000 results. Be patient and communicate with Barry (this seller) and you will get great results. I have returned many times and will be leaving many more detailed positive reviews." "12,200 - exact match, news site keyword Before: Position 12 15days later: Position 1 Second: 3,900 exact Movies based keyword Before: Position 22 - 20Days after: position number 1 baby!!" ---------- This is a FINELY TUNED SEO method which I continue to develop throughout Panda, Penguin and consistently gives great results. This is custom built providing you with a safe yet powerful multi-tier backlink profile. **If you are not 100% confident of your true keyword competition, please place your Keyword Research Order Here. Or Maybe You Just Want To Order Everything In One Neat Little Package? Please feel free to take a look at the "Alpha Plus" package here "all the power and success of my Alpha package (the most popular rank package on Seoclerks but with a special twist and super-powerful rankings!" Properly researched keywords are vital to your success so I strongly recommend this service for those without adequate experience in this area.** Also note; Adwords keyword tool displays the "Adwords" competition not "Seo" competition. Here are some examples of Google Page 1 rankings that have been achieved with this Seo Alpha package. UPDATE: This client site below is now at position no.1 in Google and he has made his  investment back many times over the last few days and will continue to do so. I will get round to updating this screenshot soon folks! In addition to the Alpha package above, I am also available to discuss custom Seo plans for your website so please don't be afraid to ask. A bit about me... British service provider 5+ Years Seo experience Head of copy writing team for a well-known health website Results driven and service minded So With "Tons" Of Other Seo Service Providers Out There, Why Should You Choose Me? Aside from the points mentioned above, I don't use Seo as a way to earn extra pennies on-top of my day job; Seo is my full time occupation. What this means for you as my client, is that I will go that extra mile to make sure you are 100% satisfied and most importantly of all, your business benefits from my service. Here are some of the recent results clients here on Seoclerks have experienced. So if you need a professional to work on your campaigns to get your site up in-front of a bigger audience (and at an affordable price too), then me and my Alpha package are here to help! Frequently Asked Questions 1. Can you rank non-English language keywords?     Yes, but the text used to build the links will be in English only and yes, this works just fine. 2. Can you rank keywords in a specific country such as Australia or the U.K?     Yes, but your site must be hosted in the country you wish to rank for. 3. Can I provide you with more than 1 URL and 3 keywords for 1 order?     No, this service has been constructed to target 1 URL and up to 3 keywords only. 4. I have my report,but why can I only see a few links pointing to my site?     Only the links on tier 1 will point to your site (between 5 to 25 links), the remaining links are built to tier 1, and tier 2 links  (100+ links) 5. How long until my campaign is finished?      The reports are delivered on or just before the deadline in most cases as the links are drip fed and can't be rushed. 6. I can't see traffic in analytics, can I have a refund?     This service is guaranteed to improve rankings, not traffic so this is not a valid reason for a refund. 7. Customer: "If you don't give me more links, I will give you bad feedback okay?"     Barry       : "Remember that if you are planning to scam or threaten me with bad feedback because you want something for free, I have a lot of powerful link building tools that can smash your site to smithereens before you wake up for cornflakes! Although I consider myself a professional and regret having to mention this on my service page, recent events have forced me to mention this so be warned scammers, if you threaten me with bad feedback to get something for free when I don't deserve it, I also have the ability to damage your rankings for ever so please don't try it. Note* This does not apply to the 99% of great honest people out there so thanks to all you guys and gals! 8. Is your service Google friendly?     Of course, my service is completely Google friendly and has not caused any client sites to be punished. This continues to be developed each week so link sources are always changing. 9. Can I use this for a new site?     Yes, but I cannot guarantee rank increase in 20 days for sites under 6 months old. 10. My site was punished by the Penguin update, can you bring it back up the ranks?       I do not work with keywords that have been punished in the past. 11. Can you rank my local business website?       Yes, this would be treated like any other website. 12. My keyword is low competition, can you rank it?       Google adwords is NOT seo competition. To get a general idea of true competition, you may order my keyword research service or use a simple tool such as keyword canine to get a general idea. Polite notice for potential clients (please read carefully); This service is for the Google search engine. Non-English languages ACCEPTED High rankings in Google does not always guarantee traffic or sales. Please do not expect to rank on the first page of Google for highly competitive terms such as "make money online" or "internet marketing" for example. Seo competition cannot be accurately measured in the Google adwords keyword tool, or by the number of results pages. Upon purchase of my service, I may research your keywords and make alternative suggestions if I feel your keywords are too competitive from a Seo perspective (this will be for your own advantage). If I feel your on-page seo needs additional work, I will provide you with a full report free of charge, however you must follow the recommendations otherwise I cannot guarantee rank increase in 20 days. The 20 day rank increase guarantee starts from the day I provide you with the backlinks report. (Typically rankings will increase within a week and continue to do so) This service is for 1 target keyword, with an optional 2 secondary keywords meaning I only guarantee increase for 1 keyword. In most cases, all 3 keywords will increase considerably! If I feel your website or keywords are unsuitable for this service, I will request a mutual cancelation which I hope you will accept, and of course you will receive a 100% refund no questions asked. Page Rank is not the position of your website in the search engine. This service may not improve Page Rank. (Please look up "Google Page Rank" for further clarification) I cannot be responsible for ranking penalties if you are using another service. Backlinks do not appear instantly in Google and software used to analyze backlinks may not detect all backlinks to your site. Backlinks report provided upon completion (not all backlinks provided) Rank tracking is your responsibility and you should track up to the first 500 positions Be reasonable and polite with me, and you will see just how beneficial I can be for you and your online business! Recommended Ad-ons To Help Make This Service More Effective Keyword research for competitive niches and more successful campaigns 50 + Page Seo Report for on-page and off-page optimization of your target keyword Weekly rank tracking with professional and accurate reports (coming soon) So, thanks for reading and here's to your success! Let's get your website to the top! At your service, Barry IMPORTANT  Please kindly hover over my username and click "follow" to help me keep you updated with current events and progress.

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